Трета#ЕдуКонференција2017 - ГАЛЕРИЈА

Почуствувајте дел од прекрасната атмосвера на Трета#ЕдуКонференција2017 низ галеријата со слики од двата конференциски дена.

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Победници на јавните повици за Нај ООР наставник и СТЕМ наставни практики

Minamaze (Lite) is 100% responsive. It looks great on all devices, from mobile to desktops and everything in between!

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Повик за членство во здружението "Пријатели на образованието"

Ги повикуваме сите пријатели на образованието да се зачленат и да
претставуваат дел од нашата приказна.

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STEM Ahead Competition

STEM Ahead is a new competition open to all primary and secondary school teachers and career advisors in Europe. Winners of this competition will be invited to an event organised by the STEM Alliance project, where they will have the chance to attend workshops on innovative science education and career guidance. In order to participate

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Scientix presentations in schools

Scientix presentations in different schools in Macedonia were organized in order to present Scientix portal (news, events, resources), different activities and projects in front of Macedonian teachers. Short presentation (15 minutes) were given to the school teaching staff elaborating the role, support and resources provided by Scientix. This presentation was provided by Friends of education’s representative. Informal

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Webinar – Presentation of the projects from Scientix portal

After the introduction of the Scientix portal we continue with the next webinar – Presentation of the projects from Scientix portal showing the experiences of the Macedonian teachers that already have been part of those projects.  On 5.10.2017 at 18:30 you will have the opportunity to follow the presentations of Silvana Ristevska and Aleksandra Atanasovska Blazevska. You will be

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