First call for making a poster for sharing good educational practices from the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Numerous research results show that professions from the above mentioned areas are amongst the best ranked in the world. In Macedonia, however, there is a deficit of teachers in these areas, which means there is an inevitable need for popularizing STEM. According to a relevant research (e.g. PISA), the educational results from these areas in Macedonia are at the bottom of the list in comparison to other European countries.

Over the last few years, there have been many attempts at innovation in the STEM classroom, including certain changes within the syllabus, use of different methodological approaches, and creative use of IT in the teaching practice. All of these activities resulted in improvements in the teaching practices, but what is missing is examples of different activities that will increase students’ motivation and provoke their interest to study STEM. Hence our call and the obvious need to find, showcase, and share the best practices of Macedonian teachers. You are all given an opportunity to present an innovative approach towards teaching STEM subjects with your own choice of activities. Your efforts will be welcomed, as we aim to enrich the resources in the STEM area, and rely on the input of other educators.

The following are the Terms and Conditions for participation:

  • Teachers must agree to their work being modified and used by other educators;
  • The posters will be reviewed by a jury consisting of university professors. The jury will select the best 30 posters and these will be presented at the Third Edu Conference.

The following criteria apply and are of equal importance:

  • Originality, applicability, potential to draw attention, description of the methodological approach, general impression of the viewer.

Each poster must have only one author. Further details on how to submit the posters will be announced on 15 February 2017.

  • Submission deadline: 15 March 2017.
  • Announcement of the results (the best posters): 30 March 2017
  • Presentation of the winning posters: 8th April (during the conference)

Teachers apply with a poster and a downloadable application. The poster should be created according to the following sample,and the form should not step out of the given frame (i.e. should not be longer than a page). The postershould be submitted electronically (in .jpg format with the file name ‘Poster Contest’), togetherwith the application form to the organization’s e-mail

University professors and advisors from the Bureau of Education will evaluate the posters, and select the top 30 to be displayed at the Third Edu Conference. The following are the criteria from which they will base their selection, and all criteria are of equal importance:

  • Originality,
  • applicability,
  • potential to draw attention,
  • description of the methodological approach,
  • general impression of the viewer.

The posters to be presented at the conference should be printed out in B2 format ( 500x707mm). The winner will be announced after all the participants have had a chance to vote for their favourite of the selected 30 posters.Each finalist will be given an opportunity to give 3,2 or 1 vote to the other poster- finalists.

The winners will be printed in the publication (format: B5 176×250) which will be given to all the conference participants.