Action Plan

of the Association for Development and Digitalization of Education and Cultural heritage -FRIENDS OF EDUCATION

Тhis programme regulates  the basic acts and directions for the overall activity of the members, to ascertain that the aims and tasks determined in the Status are fulfilled.

The action plan is created and determined  four years in advance.  There is a specific programme for each year, conducted according to the plan and schedule. 

The association endeavors to improve and affirm good educational practices, by itself but also in collaboration with other associations. The main purpose is to highlight the use of digital media in class and digitalization of  the cultural heritage.

The action plan will be implemented via:

  1. Digitalization of folk tales, customs, songs and games;
  2. Carrying out training sessions on digital media usage in primary education;
  3. Fieldwork  research on off road sports and recreation;
  4. Organizing seminars and workshops on implementation of  digital media in education;
  5. Organizing activities that will create networks for teachers, leaders, enthusiasts and help them achieve more in their fields of interest;
  6. Taking  part and organizing  events in Macedonia and abroad.