The First International Educonference 2015 was organised by the association Friends of Education from 24-25 January 2015, aimed at  teachers, trainee teachers, students and ICT experts.

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The Conference promoted education development, education growth improvements, as well as organizational, communication and methodological – didactical capabilities growth of the current teachers and the future students as teachers. The 450 participants that attended the conference had a chanche to share experiance from the best international teachers and  IT experts, who contributed towards exchange of experiences and interaction among the teachers, as well as open new opportunities for further cooperation, that will bring growth in the direct better quality curriculum realization.
Through the functional workshops, the First International Educonference 2015  offered practical implementation of the knowledge and creation of didactical resources, where the participants had an opportunity to show their creative skills in making educational tools, with assistance and advices from the expert teachers, well recognized worldwide, acting as mentors.
We believe that First International Educonference 2015 also contributed towards exchange of experiences and the contacts among the teachers, as well as opening new possibilities for future cooperation, in a direction of improving the quality in the realization of the curriculum.
    The participants from this part of the conference had a possibility to attend the lectures form top experts and university professors on topics from modern pedagogy, information technology sciences, entrepreneurship, innovation, management, evaluation, ICT in teaching, robotics, smart board and smart bench. Through these activities we will enable presenting of the possibilities for development of the 21st century teachers’ skills.
    The participants of this two-day event actively participated in the lectures through:
    – design, preparation and creation of own didactical resources for the Cambridge program;
    – original didactical resources on educational programmes in primary education; 
    – workshops for ICT utilisation during teaching.
    In this part of the conference, the teachers and the IT experts had oportunity to share their practical experiences through presentations, selected upon the earlier announced call.

Supporters of the FirstEduconference 2015: